Cloth Diapering 101

Cloth diapering is fun, easy and thanks to modern cloth options it's also pretty adorable! Need I mention the environmental factor?! How about the financial impact it may have on your family's budget!? Or the overall benefit to your child's health!? Whatever you reason for wanting to cloth diaper your little ones... kuddos to you! Let us help you and/or get your started!

There certainly is a lot of choices for cloth diapering, and a TON of information available at your fingertips these days. But don't get overwhelmed! We want to help your family cloth diaper in the way that's best for your family and your budget! We want to make you see what we see - cloth is easy and fun! I know, I know... you're thinking "Fun? Poop, fun? This can't be." But I promise, it is!

Every family cloth diapers differently. If you're ready to work cloth into your lifestyle, we're ready to help you! 

We call our cloth diapering class "Not Your Mamas Cloth Diapering 101" for a reason! (And feel free to bring your moms/dad along too!) Cloth of those generations were with diapers that looked like sheets and pins that stuck your mom's poor fingers everytime. That's ALL GONE. Cloth has come a long way. Do you need an 1970's era diaper service? Absolutely not. You got this ;-) 

In our class we will share with you our reason for starting cloth. We will share experiences, feedback, advice and tips & tricks. But most importantly, we'll show you product! You can touch and feel a variety of options in modern cloth diapering and decide which calls to you the most! 

We hope you'll join us for a cloth diapering class. Like we said, bring your mom, dad, bestie, babysitter - bring them all! We'd love to share the information and education with those of your village and family in hopes of helping you decide on cloth! 

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