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Thank you to our loyal customers who waited so patiently over the last couple weeks while we enjoyed a much needed break to rest, regain our direction, map our course and take some deep breaths. 
2019 was a tough year from our family business. For those of you that don't know, Never Grow Up Boutique is owned, operated and ran entirely by our family. We've not yet earned the luxury of hiring additional help, or cemented our footing in our industry firm enough to not be involved 100% in every aspect of this business. That can be quite taxing on a person - especially when that person is also raising a family. So, a little break was in order to regain some breathing room.
Furthermore, we had to make the tough decision to close up our brick & mortar location in our hometown. This decision wasn't made lightly and wasn't without some tears for sure.                                                                                                      
No more store front location?                                                     
If you're new to NGUB, Welcome! We can catch you up pretty quickly. Never Grow Up Boutique opened it's first Brick and Mortar location focused on natural parenting solutions for the modern parents in 2016 in downtown Grove City, Ohio. Our hometown. We're from Grove City, live here and raise our family here. Naturally the dream was to have our business here and create a legacy for our children and support our own community first as a business. Seems like a no brainer, right? Right! Well, not so much. There's always pros & cons, and any great realtor or business owner will stress "Location, Location, Location!" and while my heart was in the right place, I ignored those voices of discouragement on our location choice.                                                                                                Nevertheless, we triumphed, blossomed and grew a little bit in our very first year! So much so that we quickly outgrew our newly-remodeled first home and were presented with the opportunity to move on to a bigger location - right down the street! Literally. I WALKED some things down to the new location. It was a rare opportunity in store fronts in our little downtown, so I grabbed it. It was bright, beautiful and shiney. I had big dreams for our continued growth and new developments.                                                     
In July of 2019 we had to make the tearful decision to close our second - freshly remodeled NGUB style - location due to declines in customer foot traffic and decreased desire from our clientele to visit our location for lack of "family" opportunities surrounding. Our LOCAL customers were preferring to shop ONLINE over come down to the store front. The draw of online-shopping conveniences were just growing more and more overpowering to the desire for a store-front location. 
So, with a heavy heart for possibly thinking too highly of my little hometown that it could support this small business dream, I needed a break. I felt let down by someone I loved. Nothing like feeling like an outsider in your own hometown, am I right? Lessons learned!
With the end of 2019, I decided I needed to take a step back for a little to breathe, regain my focus and chart a new path.
Now, on to 2020!
What will the new year bring to NGUB? New Focus. Well, not "new" focus, but a realignment to the focus we started on in 2016. Over the last three years of owning our Brick & Mortar location, we found ourselves all-to-easily breaking path to bring in products to NGUB based on customer request. While our customers and their opinions mean a LOT to us, we wavered a little too much for our comfort. So, we'll be moving forward and straightening our path back to who NGUB was meant to be!
While so far we've seen the online retail world as pretty scary waters, one thing we know is true - we're unapologetically ourselves here! We're not conforming to meet a specific "local"-only customer need anymore. The possibilities are far less limited when not bound by a zipcode and relying on customer foot traffic to stay afloat. Sad, but true. Our previous footprint did not support our dreams. *Here's to hoping this one can!*                                                                                                                                                                       
Who is that?
That is a family business who brings products to your family based on personal experience, trust, strong ethics, moral values and purpose. Products providing the natural parent with solutions to everyday hurdles when raising little ones. Everything from birth through those early years. We want the products we provide to our customers to have purpose in your lives, not clutter your home. We want to be a store you can shop at knowing and trusting in our values as business, only stocking those products of clear ethical foundations in manufacturing in today's marketplace. Products you can trust to be free of the junk you don't want polluting your family, your community or our planet. Basically, we've done the research for you. 
We're not exactly interested in the current on-trend or chat-worthy products or what's all the hype at the moment. While some of NGUB's favorite products are in these categories, we proudly stand behind them being tried and true in our own family's lives too! Hype is nice, but purposeful is perfect.                                                              
Who are we? 
We are a family. I am a mom. We live our day-to-day lives just as you do - we just run NGUB behind the scenes. Family comes first, always. Along with family comes NGUB! Never Grow Up Boutique was made from the products our family has found on our own journey through the years, and still to this day! Never Grow Up Boutique is our way of sharing it with you. Our dream as a small business isn't to become some big-box monster or own a private island. It's simply to provide family's like ours a way to shop small business for the products your family needs and wants. Small business supports community, supports dreams and supports a family. We're that family <3 And we thank you for your support. 
To find our more about our family, find our 2020 updated "About Us" section here                                                                 
AND DON'T FORGET to follow us on Social Media - Instastories will give you a lot of insight into our family, the products we use and the solutions we find! It's not just about making a sale, it's about purpose! We're not an "Instagram Worthy" family... we are REAL ;-) We'll share a bit of it with you along the way!                                  
We'll be stocking new items all the time for the families of the #ngubcommunity - changing up our inventory to bring you products we love and want you to know about!
So, check back often! Tell your friends! Share with your mom groups!! 
Now, onward and upward!
We hope you come along for the ride!!

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