Let's call this home.

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This is our new home. 

The new home of Never Grow Up Boutique. 

Hello interwebs I'm pulling up my minivan and pulling up the big-girl panties to venture into this big scary world of online retail!

Well, I guess not so "new" because we've always been here. We've always offered a large selection of our products online. But, if you have been following our recent journey, then you may understand the "newness" of this transition. 

We've always love all our customers. ALL of you. But, we worked HARD to build a local presence from day one of our brick & mortar store opening in 2016. When we opened our doors in downtown Grove City, our goal was always to focus on our local customer. I love the face-to-face, hands on (come on, who doesn't love some baby snuggles!?) and helping local families grow in my own community. 

My original goal still remains - support family's seeking natural, eco-friendly options for their family through high-quality, hand-picked products trusted in my own family. 

Only a few things are changing a little bit as we grow into this "new home".

We still love our local families - you're what launched Never Grow Up Boutique and made us what we are today! But, we want to have some wings to take us to support families BEYOND our local community a little bit, too. Families are bigger than one town, one city, one community... right!? After all, it takes a village - and sometimes that village is near AND far. 

Now, we will focus on the website and bringing the shopping experience ONLINE to ALL. 

Let's take a second to get real (cue the TROLLS Ana Kendrick voice). I never planned on being here. We're barely toddlers - turning THREE Years Old! The online retail world is a scary place for Toddlers, right!?

We didn't make this choice to launch as an online-only retailer in this industry as a "money making move". Believe me, we're still FAR from the days of those big-kid moves. But, one can have goals right? Goals of being *THAT* online retailer a family instantly thinks of and pulls up on their phone when their family is in need of something great, right? #Goals

For now, we're happy just as we are = small. We're a family, running a business. We want to keep things personal - this is why we've always maintained our open lines of communication with every customer! DM, PM, and Email, you can always find a helping hand! 

I am going to miss that personal chat. That friendly face. Sharing stories of #momlife moments we all love to hate sometimes. Those made up for the not-so-great "slow" days at our previous storefront. But, we'll overcome! We can chat in our VIP Group on Facebook and I'll be sharing more of our family in personal posts and INSTA stories - that's right, here comes the NGUB #instafamily LoL #trainwreck ? #strugglebus ? ;-) You know us! And of course, the blogging will continue. For realz, you may get sick of me! ;-) No no no, let's hope not!

So that's what's going on.

That's my update for you.

My promises still remain: same naturally-minded products. new goodies added all the time. same eco-friendly focus. same family. same atmosphere. same vibe. same tribe. same same same.... got it?

Just ALL online :-) We all live that wifi life anyways these days ;-)


If you've read this - drop me a comment below.

Maybe even take it a step further and share nevergrowupboutique.com to your personal feed to share with friends and family? Seriously, please. The wide world of the interwebs has me a bit shaking in my big-girl-panties and I KNOW I can't do this without you. We can't be a success without YOU! <3 

PS be sure you're following in FB & Insta! 

Love Yall! 

<3 Andrea

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  • Everything will work out! I, for one, am an almost exclusive online shopper!

    Rhea on

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