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Whether you're new to Never Grow Up Boutique, or a long time lover of our little slice of the retail world, I wanted to say hi and remind you just why NGUB is here

Every small business has a why, and this is mine. 

I always wanted to be a mom. Always.
Never did I realize how much being a mom really does change everything. Seriously. Everything.
Travel back in time a bit with me to where it all began...   I promise I'll keep this somewhat brief.     
I met my hubby - fondly referred to as "Daddy NGUB" around these parts - while I was finishing up college. *That's a story for another time *wink wink*.    
We got married a little before I graduated college and like any newlyweds we had dreams of what our future would bring. We're both definitely go-getters and hard workers, and were ready to head in the direction of our chosen careers.
Oh to be that young again, in college, with all those hopes and dreams
Am I right?
But one thing was sure for both of us. We were going to be parents.   
I graduated shortly after our wedding and was accepted into a local Law School for graduate studies in my field right before we took our honeymoon. Only to then return and never attend that first day. I managed to injure myself on our honeymoon, which we can both almost pin-point back to a single Jet-Ski trip, only to realize the extend of the injury as time progressed. That injury and how it impacted what seemed like YEARS of our life is again, *A story for another time*
But, the impact of deciding to not begin my studies right away was almost a blessing in disguise. Eventually, I accepted a position at a local firm to at least get my chosen career moving in a positive direction. Great pay, great hours, great perks, what's not to love?!
I held that position for about a month before feeling icky all over from the full picture of what I was part of there. Don't get me wrong, it was a job and I wont judge the others who worked there or continue to work there - it just wasn't for me. Not my vibe, ya know? Afterall, what new college grad doesn't job hop a little right out of the gate? ;-) It was during this employment that I found out I was pregnant with our first child. It was the next day that I came in and turned in my resignation. And it felt so good!      
It was with the birth of our first child that we realized the true extent of what kind of parents we wanted to be and what that meant. You see - we didn't "read all the books" or attend any classes. We felt prepared coming from a large family, surrounded by support, that we could figure it all out. 
What we figured out was that our "style" of parenting wasn't necessarily the norm for those who surrounded us. The choices we were making were a tad different and the support for those choices meant going outside of our immediate network. It was in the search for that network, that support, products, that knowledge that we realized how lacking those options were for us or families like ours. *Thus, the DREAM was born.*      
Hear me when I say: there was nothing wrong with how we felt we were brought up. We're truly blessed to have the amount of family and extended family to support our growing family.
It's just when there's a question or something you need help with, you look for guidance from someone with experience in the area, or a product to support that need. We just didn't have those answers - although we always had someone supporting our desire to learn the answers to our questions. 
A couple years passed and we were preparing to welcome another little one into our family. It was then that I decided I wanted to stay home full-time now. With our first child I stayed home until she was about 2 years old, before returning to work. I took a job working for the same local public school district that my husband was working for and it seemed to fit pretty well. I enjoyed my job, working in my field, and even an added bonus of working on a project that enabled me to give back to the local community & children. But, I was still pulled to a bigger job. A job a loved even more. I didn't just want a maternity leave, I was ready to just leave. 
Well, little baby #2 came, a little man this time! We were chugging right along. As with any new addition, a new baby presented us with new challenges to overcome, new hurdles and alas, new discoveries of things we had to find support for outside of the "norm" that surrounded us.    
One night, about 8-9 months after he joined us, we were sitting up in bed one night - you know, folding diaper laundry, chatting babies, family, life, etc - and it dawned on us. Why hadn't we done this yet!? Why haven't we started our own store full of the products families like us are looking for?! Let's do it!
Thus, NGUB was born!   
So, finally we utilized those educations we'd worked so hard for - mine in Business & Accounting, his in I.T. - and put them to good use building our own brand now known as Never Grow Up Boutique!   
Now I'll spare you the follow-up of store fronts (yes, two), remodels (yes.. two...) and all that jazz. *A blog for another time*    
Just know this. All that blabbering up there ^ ended up with fulfilling a dream. A dream of a family, supporting another family the way we were supported and continue to be supported, in the choices we make for our children & family. We want to show our children that dreams can come true - with hard work and guts. (Because, let's be honest... to this day, nothings been easy...) I go on to dream that Never Grow Up Boutique can continue to fulfill this need to families, as a small family business for years to come. 
That's all why Never Grow Up Boutique always promises to bring your family products, straight from our family that we've hand-picked from trusted companies with the highest quality and ethics in manufacturing practices. 
That's not marketing team cooked-up garbage. That's straight from us, to you. That's who we want to be and that's who we will remain.     
(if you haven't figured it out yet... she's who we trust with our family memories ;-) check her out!)
Never Grow Up Boutique
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