What's Next for Never Grow Up Boutique?

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Did you hear the news? 

Never Grow Up Boutique's Store Front in Grove City is closing

Don't panic! It's okay. Take a deep breath. It's fine. We're not really going anywhere. We're okay - and you should be too!

Well, technically if you're local we're going "away" but we're not far! Okay, let me explain.... 

Never Grow Up Boutique as a brand, business, family and as a community of people we love isn't going anywhere. You just wont find us located at the store front in Grove City anymore. Unfortunately, the location just didn't prove to be all we had hoped for, so at the end of the day our brain had to win over our heart. To be 100% honest, even when located in central ohio, the majority of our customers really showed preference to shopping ONLINE instead of visiting the store down the road. This still kind of confuses me, why not just come to Grove City? But, oh well. That's okay. Not enough of our Target market (YOU) wanting to hoof it into downtown Grove City means we don't need a store front there. But, we've used a lot of our family's resources (remember, #thisisfamilybusiness so no employees) - financial, mental, emotional, physical - to maintain an unsuitable location simply because it's where our hearts wanted it to be. #hometownpride just isn't enough sometimes I guess.

Three years later, we're finally ready to admit that Grove City is just not where our business belongs.

Our family's roots are in Grove City. Our family lives and loves in Grove City. We're Alumni - generations deep. But, you can have roots and wings. Our wings are ready to fly! We want Never Grow Up Boutique to be so much more than what the Grove City location was providing to us. So, off we fly to find where we belong!

So ... What's next? Where will a physical store front end up? We're not sure quite yet. But, here's what we do know:

Never Grow Up Boutique will continue be an online experience for the time being - or maybe indefinitely! We want your online experience to feel as sunny and welcoming as if you were shopping in our Boutique in person! We want you to feel part of the family, part of the whole "experience" and village we've worked hard to create! Can you hear us screaming "PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHOP ONLINE"!?! ;-) We're not going to stop working, shipping, and fulfilling your family's needs the NGUB way <3 

You will continue to see the best, top-quality, and hand-picked goods from all over the world stocked at nevergrowupboutique.com. There will always be something new, something fun, something to learn! We will continue to add in new vendors all the time, just as we've done in the past. We've already got some great ones in the works that I'm just about busting at the seams with excitement about - it's so hard not to share!!!

We will maintain our focus on Modern, Natural Parenting products. Products for the modern mom & dad, caregiver, & gift giver with a modern eco-conscious mindset. Products that are innovative, helpful, supplemental and/or necessary to a young family. We will maintain our focus on the earlier years of parenthood and early childhood. We will always stock products that our family loves, trusts and uses, too!

Never Grow Up Boutique will maintain it's focus on products and companies who choose sustainable, local, eco-friendly, ethical manufacturing and quality over all else. You can feel comfort in knowing all of these values will always remain true with EVERY product purchased from us without having to think too hard or investigate products or manufacturers - because that's our job! All you have to do is keep your browser to www.nevergrowupboutique.com for your family's needs! 

Since we wont be with you in the store to chat about all the things - you know I'm a chatter ;-)  - we're going to become MORE of an online presence through social media. Of course you can still reach out to use via social media as you always have! But if you haven't, that means you need to make sure you're part of our Facebook VIP Group and following us on Instagram @nevergrowupboutique - keep tuned into those insta-stories, too! Also, make sure you've subscribed to our newsletter to stay up to date on new products, sales and parenthood funnies and inspiration :-) 

I mean, you already LIKED US on Facebook too, right?! Right.

After all, YOU are a big part of who we are as a brand and your input and recommendations are always appreciated as we grow and add new things! You will probably even see us pop-up at some of our favorite vendor events, community events and local Expos, too! We will still focus on the community and rallying behind supporting small businesses over big box. We will continue to side with and stock manufacturers that recognize the struggle of small businesses and choose to value partnerships with small shops over big. Even online, we're still a #momandpopshop ya know <3 

Going ONLINE for a time (or forev?) means new avenues to open up for us to bring you great things - and MORE of them! We're kickin' off those GREAT THINGS with opening up Free Shipping* on online orders! (It kicked off this month, to help soften the blow of this announcement... sorry ... but, did it work?) Will we end this promotion, or maybe make it a permanent thing? I don't know yet! All I know is that it's a good place to start, right?!

All it takes is one step in the right direction to begin a journey of amazing discovery! We're excited for all the possibilities & growth that are now wide open without the limitations of the GC Brick & Mortar - or at least for the time being!

We hope you'll come along for the journey as we strive to prove to you that Never Grow Up Boutique is THE SPOT for a family's needs!


We appreciate all our local followers, loyal shoppers and supporters. You know who you are... we love you. <3 We're proud to have been part of your family growing and thank you for utilizing the local store in your search for quality family products! We hope you continue to shop with us online, tell your friends about us, and join into our growth as we take a leap into the online ocean as a small, small fish in the sea of Natural Parenting options!


Remember, this isn't good-bye... WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

Seriously... if you've never been into the store then this blog post means nothing to you! Really, we've ALWAYS been online as a store for shopping. We've just mainly focused our efforts to our local customer base to increase foot traffic to the Grove City store front. Now, we'll be shifting focus to ONLINE while we attempt to locate that PERFECT new store front location. When we find it, you'll be the first to know!!

So, what this is is simply a deep sigh and "See Ya Later, Grove City" while we take off from the nest that we were born into. We wished and prayed for better in the location we wanted, but that's just not how things worked out. *And that's okay.*

I am genuinely equal parts excited and pee-my-pants-afraid of what's to come for us as we fly. It's been a fun ride so far and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

I (we) hope you're as excited as we are for this change! If you need to breathe through this with me, feel free to message us on Facebook or DM me on Insta anytime! <3 


Let's Fly!

- Andrea (and Mark, P, MJ & Baby A)

Important Details: While we don't have a firm date for the store front closing just yet, when we do you'll find that information announced on Social Media. Since we're NOT CLOSING as a business, we're obviously not having a CLOSING SALE. Right? Duh. What you will see is some "open box" and "sample sale" pieces discounted on the website in the Sale Section as we take down displays and adjust/move inventory to the new warehouse spot. Sale things will be GREAT markdowns too, so I'd scoop them up when they show up or they'll be GONE. :-) Save me from having to move the unnecessary stuff :-) 




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