Boosters & Other Accessories

Cloth Wipes are reusable and washable fabric squares (or rectangles) used to clean up a soiled baby bottom. Cloth wipes are usually made of micro-terry, velour, hemp, bamboo, or flannel cloth. You can pre-moisten the wipes (using a wipes warmer or similar container) or wet them at the time of use to wipe baby. Wipes can be washed along with the rest of your cloth diaper laundry. Wipes can be moistened with water or other wipes solution.

Diaper Sprayer is used to rinse dirty diaper over a toilet and attaches to most toilets in just a few easy steps. Diaper sprayers work similar to kitchen sink hose attachments. Using a diaper sprayer will prevent you from getting poop in your washing machine. Simply flush away the poop after spraying.

Doubler or Boosters is similar to an insert that can be added to “double” the absorbency of your diapers. A doubler may be used with any type or style of diaper for added absorbency. Doublers can be helpful for nights, naps, and heavy wetters.

Fleece Liners: One of the most common fabrics used on the inside of cloth diapers. Fleece allows wetness to pass through while still feeling dry to the touch. This helps to keep your baby’s bottom dry. You can also purchase small sheets of fleece to lay between your baby and a natural fiber (like cotton or hemp) to keep them feeling dry in pre-folds, flats, or fitteds.

Snappi are a brand name diaper fastener that can easily fasten a pre-fold or flat diaper without the use of pins.

Wet Bag is a small reusable bag used for storing soiled diapers. Wet bags can be used at home or when on-the-go and come in small to large sizes. Wet bags are waterproof and are sealed with either a zipper or drawstring closure to keep the messy stuff inside. You can wash wet bags with your diapers when you get home.