Super Undies

Super Undies

Think Potty Training? Think Super Undies!

Laura Wojciechowski, commonly referred to as Laura Woj, is the founder and owner of Super Undies. She started her cloth diapering journey 15 years ago, and as a seamstress, took it upon herself to provide hand-made cloth diapers for her family. As interest increased with her unique pattern style and designs, she was asked to sell to others. Starbunz Cloth Diapers was founded in 2002, but closed down in 2006 when Laura's focus shifted to providing her customers with the best potty training experience she could. She used her customer following as her research and development team, listening to everything they said and developing into their needs.

Soon bedwetting became an issue with her customer database and 9 months wasted aside to tackle this job. The end result was our Nighttime Undies, the best bedwetting pants on the market.

In 2015 Laura Woj launched her free information side of Super Undies, Scaredy Cat Potty Training. Her passion for empowering parents in their innate ability to be great parents, has driven her to travel the country on a month to month basis teaching parents everywhere about how to potty train. You can find her teaching at all MommyCons, plus other baby shows, all for free! You can meet us with her and ask her your toughest questions on her Facebook page for Scaredy Cat Potty Training, watch her personal journey as a mom, business owner and educator on her Laura Woj Facebook page.

Both the manufacturing and fulfillment of Super Undies is run out of a few small facilities close to Laura's home in California. Super Undies is a family owned and operated company, and when we hire outside of family, those employees become family.

God bless you and happy potty training!