Urban Baby Bonnets


UB2 bonnets are cool, fun, funky, functional, super-cute and distinctively original. They’re a postmodern twist on an heirloom classic!

UB2’s unique design protects your little one from sun, wind, and rain—in style!! 

The bonnets fasten snugly under baby’s chin using an adjustable snap closure that allows flexibility with sizing and a comfortable, custom fit

Designed by a mom, the bonnets have been rigorously kid-tested and mother approved. We’re proud to say that we’re dedicated to quality—actually, we’re crazy about it! Each and every piece is double-checked individually and by hand.  

You can be sure that your Urban Baby Bonnet will become an heirloom treasure to pass on to the next generation!

UB2 is a woman-owned company and ALL of our products are handmade in the USA! We are committed to domestic production, social equity, and environmental sustainability.  You’ll see these commitments in our manufacturing practices, our support of work-at-home women, and in our use of organic fabrics and minimal, environmentally responsible packaging. 

We hope you LOVE your UB2!

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