Beauty & Bliss Lush Locks Shampoo

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 Get ready for your locks to be as luscious as those hair commercials. Say goodbye to frizz & hello to shine with Geranium Essential Oil. Boost the volume & flower

power with Argan & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Paid with the Conditioner for the full experience! 

8oz Conditioning Shampoo

To use: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply shampoo to wet hair, paying close attention to roots.
Work in vigurously from roots to tips avoiding the eyes. Rinse hair thoroughly.
Repeat if desired..
For extra conditioning, leave shampoo in hair for five to ten minutes, then rinse.


Beauty & Bliss Collection Natural beauty is always the way to go. All of our Beauty and Personal Care products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and made without artificial additives or preservatives. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, hair, and product sensitivities. Vegan & always animal cruelty free.