About Us

Never Grow Up Boutique is a family business.
Founded and curated to provide high-quality, hand-picked products that empower parents to make a positive impact on our parent through choices for their family. 
As new parents struggling to find the products and resources we desired in pursuit of a more natural parenting lifestyle, we decided to use our backgrounds & skill-set to set off into entrepreneurship! 
With what began as a Brick & Mortar store in our hometown of Grove City, Ohio,  has now blossomed into so much more! While NGUB continues to grow and transform behind the scenes, it only makes us more confident in what we're bringing to the families we serve in the natural parenting industry! 
Our overall goal will forever remain the same:
Building community, empowering parents and raising children together as mindful & earth loving. 
Never Grow Up Boutique wants to be a family go-to for those early years of parenting whenever there's a parenting task to overcome.
Whether it be something as simple as a sippy cup or new pj's for your little, to babywearing options, cloth diapering products, or breastfeeding hurdles - a parent's mind can be at ease knowing that we've done all the research for you to bring you the best, safest, eco-friendly products for your family! 
As parents, who wants to be up in the middle of the night, researching this company or that product to make sure it fits your eco-friendly, natural parenting lifestyle? Nobody. 
You can trust in Never Grow Up Boutique to do it for you. 

Never Grow Up Boutique is your one-stop-shop for all-natural baby products that you can feel good about, including:

  • Cloth Diapers: We offer premium cloth diaper brands! From all-in-ones to pockets, and hybrid shells to trainers. Our selection of modern cloth diapering options is perfect for anyone new to cloth to experienced! Want to learn more about Cloth Diapering? We also offer a class locally in Central Ohio!
  • Baby Carriers & Wraps: Babywearer? Us too! Keeping your baby close  through babywearing is as easy as a quick hop over to our babywearing section offering a full selection of top-of-the-line carriers, slings and wraps.
  • Baby Gear: We have all of the top-quality gear you'll need for your baby- including swaddles, clothing, pacifiers, teethers, diaper bags and more. 
  • Mealtime Solutions: Looking for the best in natural feeding products for your baby? We've got it all - bottles, sippy cups, breastfeeding gear, packing containers and more! NGUB has it all from tabletop to lunchboxes.
  • Natural Play: We offer a full line of eco-friendly and sustainable toys that you can feel good about. Nothing filling up the landfills from these options!
  • Mama & Baby Wellness: Looking to care your family, naturally? We've got you covered. From nationwide brands to small batch and locally made, we've got you covered! 

You can shop with Never Grow Up Boutique trusting in our promise to only partner and supply products from companies focused on bringing you eco-friendly, sustainable products  produced through ethical manufacturing practices. 

We're all working together for a better planet.

Photo Credit to our Favorite Family Photog: Sarah Cropper Photography
Do I have to practice (or even know what) Attachment Parenting is to shop at Never Grow Up Boutique? No way! While this practice of our own family helps us source products we stock in our store, ANYONE can find something to love in our shop!