About Us

Never Grow Up Boutique is a family business. Founded and curated by Andrea & Mark through the desire to bring those parenting products we love direct to families in our hometown of Grove City, Ohio, and surrounding Central Ohio.
Although a bustling retail work lives just a stone's throw away in Columbus, Ohio, our roots are in Grove City! We've both grown up in Grove City and attended Grove City High School. Our families and friends are here. We've chosen to raise our own growing family here. So, naturally it was a no-brainer that we chose the heart of Grove City, the historic downtown area to launch our own business. 
I (Andrea) am a graduate of Capital University holding a business & accounting degree, but found myself just not finding the love of office life. My hubby & partner is a Veteran with an IT degree found the same struggle. We love our fields, but we love our family and felt that we just couldn't find the balance that brought us the most joy working the 9-5 grind. So, we decided to use our backgrounds & skill-set to set off into entrepreneurship! 
As we became parents to our first born, Presley, we found the fit for our family in Attachment Parenting. If you're unfamiliar with Attachment Parenting and want to know more about it, check out some details here. To us and our extended family this was new territory. We found our choices and goals only to be fulfilled by venturing outside of our immediate circles into a totally new-to-us community. Furthermore, when we looked for those products to help us with the goals of our parenting choices, we were constantly having to go online to random online outlets. The lack of familiarity, friendly faces and even language barriers sometimes posed a problem that always made us question, "Why isn't this local?"! We've got communities and new friends looking for the same products, same resources but we're all converging ONLINE. Those early necessities can sometimes be found at a Big Box or Online giant, sure. But, what if I want some interaction? A person to ask questions? Someone to chat with or share experiences with? Thus, NGUB was born! 
We've since brought two more little ones into our family - MJ & Audrey. With the growth of our family, our experiences, love of new products, friendly faces and impact on our community continues to grow, too!
We want to be a staple in our community. To be the go-to for those early years of parenting when a need presents itself. Whether it be something as simple as a sippy cup of new pj's for your little, to babywearing options, cloth diapering products, breastfeeding products, or even just to bridge a gap between a need and a local service based on like-minds! We want to be that for you! 
Photo Credit to our Favorite Family Photog: Sarah Cropper Photography
Do I have to practice (or even know what) Attachment Parenting is to shop at Never Grow Up Boutique? No way! While this practice of our own family helps us source products we stock in our store, ANYONE can find something to love in our shop!