Special Orders

Missed out on getting something you wanted?
Got your eye on something from one of our manufacturers, but not sure if we'll get it in the store?
Send us a message and we'll be happy to work with you on a special order JUST FOR YOU. 
Here's some details of Special Orders.
If we don't have something in stock, or recently ran out of something you were hoping for but had to wait until payday or someone just grabbed it before you could, don't worry! 
Send us your request. 
We will then double check that the item is still available for us to order additional (if it was a special stocking or special release, these things may be limited to one stocking only).
We will confirm it's availability then send you an invoice for the item. 
Please note: Special Release/Limited quantity items, babywearing gear, and/or purchases over $75 will incur a 15% Special Order fee. You will also be charged our regular shipping fee for the item. 
All of this is to protect our family's business and bottom line - can you believe we've ordered things for customers only to have them disappear and never pay? Hard to believe, but it's true. While we know not EVERYONE operates like this, we have to protect our family & business. I hope you understand.
*This fee is at the discretion of the Business Owners - if you have any questions, let us know! 
An invoice for the items will be sent to your customer account email. You'll have 24 hours to pay your invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will submit our final confirmation for the order (and not before). 
As soon as we receive shipping confirmation, we'll share the information with you. We will also notify you again once your order arrives! You can stop by at your convenience to pick up the order. 
If you'd prefer it be shipped to you, just let us know at that time!
Pretty simple right? 
We think so.
Anything we missed... just send us an email to help@nevergrowupboutique.com or PM the store's business page (www.facebook.com/nevergrowupboutique.com) and we'll work through it together!
Happy Shopping!