Coloring Book: Trent's View at the Zoo

Coloring Book: Trent's View at the Zoo


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Trent was diagnosed with classic Autism at the age of two and has always had very limited communication and is unable to have a conversation.  When he was younger he was very violent and aggressive toward his parents, siblings and others.  Through all the struggles of living in a world he doesn't understand Trent has always had his art.  From the time he could hold a pen (his preferred utensil) he has been drawing the most amazing things in the most amazing ways - upside down, starting with a tail or a hoof and drawing an whole animal in perfect perspective.  In July of 2016 a video of Trent sitting cross legged on a trampoline drawing pictures on the mat with chalk went viral and has now been seen by over 51 million people worldwide.  In May of 2016 Trent's first coloring book, Trent's View of the Zoo, was released and his second is due to come out in early May 2017.   Following his success, his art is now featured on two products, a cloth diaper line and a catfish bait.  Trent's unique style and ability to convey incredible emotion in his art, even when he himself struggles with appropriate emotion, is an amazing blessing and God-given skill. We hope Trent's art brings as much joy and happiness to your home as he has brought to ours.  From Trent's family to yours.  

From Trent & His Family:

This is it, the coloring book that started it all. We're so thankful to the team at Heartspring for creating the steam to get this whole thing going!
Trent's coloring book is bound, and packaged by the students of Heartspring as part of the school’s Competitive Integrated Employment Program. Projects like these help students gain valuable job skills they can use once they leave the school.

#HeartspringTheDiaper collaboration with GroVia (Cloth Diapering)

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