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The classic Lisca Pattern woven in colours of the rainbow!  Woven all in pure organic cotton, the fine structure of the herringbone Lisca model is highlighted by interweaving a multi-coloured warp with anthracite weft yarn.

Medium weight, the fabric is airy and incredibly soft, yet supportive and has good diagonal stretch allowing to comfortably hold and carry your newborn and toddlers as well!

Fabric Blend 100% Organic Cotton
Fabric Weight 250 g/m²
Colours Multi-Coloured
Fabric Weight Class 220-260 g/m² (Medium)
Weave Jacquard Lisca
Weave Description The DIDYMOS Lisca Collection features the classic herringbone pattern. The nature of the Lisca weave creates a very soft, cushy fabric. Liscas are popular for their diagonal stretch and moldability. Great wraps for beginner and experienced wrappers alike!
Care Instructions Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.
Country of Origin Germany
Dimensions Width: 68 cm Length: varies with size


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