Flower of Life Garnet Didysling


  • $125.00

Didymos DidySling Flower of Life Garnet - woven with 100% organic cotton - perfect for newborns, bigger babies and toddlers. Super-soft, easy to care for and wonderful to wrap with. A super option for a newborn and just as great for toddlers.


WEIGHT 230 g/m².


The high quality fabric that is used for DIDYMOS baby wraps is also used to make DidySlings. A ring sling may not be as versatile as a classic baby wrap, however, it is very convenient and easy to use. The process is simple: you put on the sling, place baby inside it, and tighten using the rings. DidySlings offer all the advantages of DIDYMOS weaving techniques, including support, diagonal stretch, durability and high quality. The DidySling makes it easy to carry your child on your back, on your hip or in front of you.The rings are sewn into the sling within folded pleats with double hems that won’t pinch or dig in. 

DidySlings are sewn in Ludwigsburg, the hometown of DIDYMOS. The same fabric that is available for the manufacturing of baby wraps is also used for the DidySlings. To create the DidySling, the fabric is simply gathered around the rings and sewn together. This gathered “shoulder style” conforms comfortably to any shoulder.

The sling tail has a tapered end and the length is measured along the shorter edge. Size 1 measures 170-180 cm. Size 2 measures 200-210 cm. 

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