Nighttime Undies - Rainbow Bright

  • $32.95

Most people spend $30 a month on disposable bedwetting solutions. Two pairs of bedwetting pants may cost $60, but they could last you an entire year, saving you $300 in the long run!

Why Do Nighttime Undies Work?

Our bedwetting pants are made to hold the Hoover Dam. We started with a good concept on retaining a nighttime accident, then we beefed it up.
1. We use a waterproof material all through the external structure of the undies.
2. There are 4 layers of built-in absorbency, two sewn internally and two externally, as a soaker pad.
3. The tabs are waterproof and on the back of them, we put a soft water resistant fleece to help hold in leaking for side sleepers.
4. The legs and waist are created out of water resistant fleece, as an additional insurance policy against leaking.
5. The absorbent material does not touch the outer edges inside the undies. This also battles against leaking.
6. We added an additional pocket on the inside, in case the four layers aren't enough to soak up your child’s output. Simply stuff more absorbency in the pocket!


Care/Washing? The Quick Version:
Turn inside to and place in garment bag. Wash with trusted detergent. Dry on Medium. No bleach - No fabric Softener. Want the longer version, or unfamiliar with "cloth" care, send us a message!


Sure you can save trees but you’ll also be saving money!

Using disposable diapers adds up. When you have a baby, a disposable diaper costs about .11, pretty cheap! But as you go up in size (and by then your hooked) they get considerably more expensive, until your paying over $1.00 a piece for UnderJams. That’s about $30 a month and a pair of Nighttime Undies is about $30. Having two pairs of bedwetting pants may cost $60 but they will last you at least an entire year and that will save you $300 in the long run!

Bedwetting for older child - Ask us about bigger sizes!!