Organic Cotton Prefolds - 6 Pack


  • $17.00

Organic Prefolds

100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton that is gentler on the environment

Osocozy Packaged Organic Cotton Prefolds - 6 Pack

Finally, you asked for them and now they are here.  The same Osocozy prefolds that you love are now available in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Available in two "Better Fit" sizes.  Better Fit prefolds are sized to be tri-folded into a diaper cover.

Traditional prefolds are sized to wrap around baby and be fastened diaper pins or diaper fasteners such as Snappis

All sizes can be used as a traditional or trifold diaper depending upon the size of your baby and personal preference. 

Each size attractively surged in two toned surging colors that allow for easy size identification.

Infant - Better Fit : 6-16 lbs (Purple & Lettuce Green stitching)

Premium - Better Fit: 14-30 lbs (Fairway Green & Lettuce Green stitching)

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