Organic Leggings - Light Gray/Gray Dots


  • $7.99

Our sweet La-Di-Dots Collection incorporates beige, lavender, coral, seafoam, slate, light gray, and gray from our Organic Cotton Basics Collection for a beautiful mix of solids and prints. Trims on beige, blush, lavender, and coral are light gray; trims on moonbeam, seafoam, slate, and gray are gray.


What is GOTS?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It sets both environmental and social standards. GOTS:

  • Prohibits the use of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their enzymes in garment production.
  • Prohibits Azo dyes that release carcinogenic amine compounds.
  • Enforces restrictions for accessories (e.g. no PVC, nickel or chrome permitted).
  • Prohibits PVC plastics and other harmful material in the packaging of organic goods.
Under GOTS:
  • employment is freely chosen
  • there is freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • child labor is prohibited
  • living wages are paid
  • working hours are not excessive
  • discrimination is prohibited
  • harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited

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