Soaker Bombs - Super Undies

  • $3.50

The soaker bomb is a boys best friend, boosting the absorbency in the front of the undies by 2 layers, right where a boy needs it most!

This insert contains two layers of absorbency that will instantly boost the level of wetness our Undies can hold, but its smaller design is most adapted for use in the front... you know...a hem... for boys.

How to Use:

place in the front, wither in or out of the pocket. Experiment with it's placement to help naturally readjust anatomy that may be pointed upwards, and thus too much towards the waistband.

One-Size fits all Super Undies Training Pants

Also fits Nighttime Underwear

Thin and trim design

11" Long, 3.5" Wide, 2 Layers

Care? Wash in warm to hot water in a garment bag. Dry on Medium for longest life. No fabric softener.